Our Story


Ko Te Arawa Te Iwi

Ko Ngati Tuwharetoa Te hapu

Ko Tauhara Te Maunga

Ko Waikato Te Awa

Ko Rangiita Te Marae

Ko Taupo Nui A Tia Te Roto

Ko Te Arawa Toku Waka

Mission & Vision

Indigena’s ambitious project is to create a link between Indigenous and blockchain, connecting Indigenous people globally

To foster a wave of Indigenous entrepreneurs worldwide who will gain financial independence through negotiating price of sales and royalties.

Intellectual Ownership in the Digital world with the help of blockchain technology.

Indigena Market was created to encourage positive changes, Cultural preservation and democratize our work.

"Our ART is apart of our IDENTITY"

Our Art tells our Story and as Indigenous People, this has been Passed down from Generations to generations.

Our art is an Expression of our Cultural being.


Contemporary Arts, Traditional Arts, Cultural Arts, Digital Arts, Media. The world is your oyster as a Artists, Retain your ownership and royalties through blockchain technology.


Is it hard to stand out in today's social competitive environment? use Indigena as your launchpad, we are here to help boost your popularity.


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Our Team

Witariana Marino

Founder/ U.Designer

Erina Marino

Program Organiser

Nadia Nougias

Cultural Advisor

Merehana Turnbull

Social Media Marketer